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electing the most appropriate sleeping bag for your use depends primarily on the intended use for the bag and how often you plan to use it. Since there are a wide range of styles and prices available for specific uses, it is important to carefully consider and select the features you need. If you're backpacking, biking or canoeing, then weight, compactability and water resistance are important. If you're hunting and fishing from a lodge, then warmth and comfort will be more significant. If it is a bag for the kids for the home or cottage, then cost, size, colour and washability may be key. How many times do you expect to use the bag and during which seasons?

You can be sure that the sleeping bags we sell are of the highest quality and all are warranted against defects and workmanship.

Compact: Travel lite! A full range of sleeping bag sizes and shapes ideal for backpacking, canoeing, biking, motorcycling and other uses where lightness and computability are desired most.

Exploration: A broad range of larger, warm sleeping bags designed for outdoorsmen who participates in year round activities where size and weight are not a factor.

Family: Regular style, rectangular quilted sleeping bags.  Practical, inexpensive and machine washable.

Rover: Bulkier than the Compact Series, these sleeping bags offer fantastic value when the size of the sleeping bag is not the major consideration.

Extreme Exploration:  These high-end down filled sleeping bags are large but able to handle the most extreme conditions and temperatures.

Mummy: Bags that fit snuggly to the wearer, these bags are warmer and lighter than normal sleeping bags.

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